lunedì 12 luglio 2010


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venerdì 2 luglio 2010

Wonder Girls Rock The Billboards

Every success starts with a dream; take South Korean group 'Wonder Girls' as an example. They are the first Korean group ever to have made it to Billboard Hot 100 list with their lead single 'Lead' to which we listen on repeat in these days. Each and every member got through tought auditions until they got chosen and confirmed as an official part of the group. I remember one of their earliest showcases ; a cover of 'Don't cha' by the Pussycat Dolls followed by their own song 'Irony'. Their music is so much fun that you can listen to it for hours (and hours since their song remains in your mind and doesn't let you go). Here are our favourite songs:

giovedì 1 luglio 2010

Love Story At The Backstage of Frankie Morello

Being the masters of seduction, we helped two lonely hearts meet and beat as one. Paul and Thais found each other at Frankie Morello's show after a while and fell in love. Paul states in the interview: "I waited for a few hours, but nothing was happening. I think it was destiny that got us back together after 2 years! It happened at Frankie Morello's show. She was checking me out and I couldn't stop staring at her, so..." Love... Isn't that such a great feeling?

Yummy Breakfast: unordinary pancakes!

A cup of coffee and a brioche is what you usually get for breakfast every morning; changing the routines every now and then is what we adore, so when we saw Jim's Pancakes, we thought it was definetely worth sharing. You remember the time when you were a little child and your parents would try all the tricks to get you eat something? (Well, in my case I was quite greedy so there were times at which they would beg me NOT to eat but that's another story!) Jim does a great job in seducting his daughter to have breakfast; you can see her happy smile in most of the pictures posted on the website. Here are some of the pancakes he created. Jim, if you hear us, please do send us some!

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