venerdì 25 giugno 2010

Hibi No Neiro

Best Music Video Award at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival

La Nuit Blance

Michel De Broin... Paris... Night... Disco Ball... These sound like the perfect ingredients for a perfect night, don't you think? Michel De Broin constructed the biggest largest mirror ball ever made in Paris and got it suspended from a construction crane almost 50 meters above the ground. Born in 1970 in Montreal, he lives and works in the UK. His talent was crowned with Sobey Art Award in 2007. For his other works, you can check out here.

Argentina Puts A Smile On Our Faces

'We are CINCO, a multidisciplinary design studio where we create visual expressions combining film making, photography, art direction and graphic design. We want each of our projects to reflect the people behind it. We believe and trust the idea of our work as something imperfectly perfect. Just human.'

Doing a research on coolhunting, we came upon the works of CINCO, a design factory from Buenos Aires. They did some really cool works that you'd better check out. The style is very close to that of Frankie Morello: ironic, colourful and entertaining. We are currently in love with those creations below:

Frankie Morello Meets Art : 'Robert Bradford'

Pictures are a courtesy of Marco Curatolo.

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