venerdì 28 maggio 2010

Grazia Italia

Jeans Jacket: Frankie Morello
Stylist: Santa Bevacqua

Frankie Morello Bags hit the stores!

What do you think about my hair? Oppps, I wanted to say 'plants'!

Creativity can be found everywhere; it's in every corner of life, waiting to surprise us. When we talk about gardening, the first thing that comes to mind is a bunch of flowers, green plants planted here and there, a few cactus, etc. Stoneface Creations with their amazing idea of 'Creative Heads' is taking gardening to a new level: they don't just plant flowers but do it (and let their customers do it and submit pictures) in a very unusual manner. They plant their flowers into Greek-inspired head sculptures, making them grow like new hairstyles. The pictures are so much fun to look at and they certainly do give us an inspiration since we, as a brand, are very fond of plants, animals and nature in general.It's almost summer time in Milan and our garden gets plenty of sunshine every day. Maybe it's time that we fill it up with some creative heads, don't you agree?

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mercoledì 26 maggio 2010

Ghostbusters? Really?

We do love come-back stories, don't we? Now that Sex and the City girls are getting back to the big screen once more, we're all in line in front of the cinemas to reserve our seats for the premiere on Friday.
Although I'm not a huge fan of my childhood favourite movies being remade with a different cast in the same manner, I can say that I do appreciate the effort when they use those movies as 'inspiration' for different forms of theatrical performances. Improv Everywhere does a great job in doing an encore appearance of Ghostbusters in the actual library that the movie starts off with.
The 'ghosts' enter the library and take seats, search for books, surf the internet (it's hilarious to see them searching for answers to: could a person come back to life after they die? on After a while, the ghostbusters team enters to catch them and they start running around making 'ghost' noises.
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Here are some pictures:

Chandeliers by Rock and Royal

You all know that I've arrived in Italy this february for the launch of Frankie Morello's blog; well, in the meanwhile I made new Italian friends here and there. I've also been listening to the Italian radios in order to get my Italian get more fluent. There's this song by Negramaro which says:'Rubero' per te la luna se il buoi ti fara' paura' which translates into something like: 'I'll rob the moon for you if you get scared of the dark'. Well, I'd like the song more if they were offering something much more plausible... like getting me a custom-made chandelier from Rock and Royal!

Rock and Royal is a Rotterdam based firm that specializes in custom-made chandeliers and mosaics. Launched on 1st of September in 2005 at the Millionaire Fair in Cannes, they gained a huge success in the international design arena.

I'm happy to share a few of their works with you. What do you think?

martedì 25 maggio 2010

Rocket Design

Rocket Design for Italy is a company that specializes in doing home decors in shapes of guitars, headphones, cassettes and disk jockeys. You all remember the Frankie Morello statement: Frankie Morello is an attitude rather than a style: music sex and clothes against wars. Since our latest collection is all edgy and we even hosted a small concert from a very alternative rock band, these decors are definitely our favorites for the moment.


I believe that packaging is one of the most important aspects of a product; you can bottle the water in a very 'innovative' form and sell it for a doubled (even tripled) price. For those who are in Milan, it'll be more than enough checking the multi-brand store La Rinascente's food store at the 7th floor to see all different types of bottled water (there's even a Swarovski covered, exclusive one; just in case you like your water sparkling... like literally!).

But internet remains a different reality; you can't physically pack anything but that certainly doesn't mean that you cannot find creative methods to present your context. In the sea of all those food blogs, Bakerella is doing a great job in interpreting what is plainly normal (cupcakes!) in an incredibly creative manner.

I've found this website as I was searching through some innovative food blogs; I didn't have the chance to interview her so I don't know if the Japanese food art 'Kyaraben' was a source of inspiration to her or not but they definitely serve to the same purpose: creating eye delights for the already delicious tastes.

They're basically spherical cakes with sugar icing all around. She did a lot of different designs from Hello Kitty ones to the monster collection for the Halloween. For those with some free time in their hands, I think it's a very fun way to pass time. Ah, just contact us if you don't know where to send them since we always appreciate those little, delicious surprises in the office.
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lunedì 17 maggio 2010

Macadamia Nut Brittle

Teatro Piccolo Eliseo Patroni Griffi, Roma. 18-30 May

George Orwell in one of his most famous works '1984' had foreseen the effect of 'Big Brother' on today's generation however he hadn't had the smallest idea that we would be this eager to get 'Big Brother' watch us; updating our status every 5 seconds, archiving all our acts with tagged pictures, chatting with people of different cultures, of different ethnics, of different characters all thanks the wonders of social networks in the internet. Is this seek for attention necessary for our own existence? Stefano Ricci states that we exist in each other's gaze; once the gazes turn elsewhere, we lose our role in the society and we die into the inexistence.
'Macadamia Nut Brittle' by Ricci / Forte was one of the plays that I was dreaming to watch for a long time now; but thanks to the excess of attention the play gets every time it hits the stage, it was almost impossible to find tickets, which was what happened at PIM, Milano. When I arrived to the ticket counter to get two tickets for the next night's play, I was informed that all the tickets for each and every five show were already finished. However, once one sets his mind onto doing something, there's little that can stop him. So using up my passion and my social network skills, I contacted them and they were so kind to have me as their guest for the play.
The show starts off with three actors doing a kind of a choreography that resembles the general indications that air hostesses show to the passengers right before the plane takes off. It was a perfect play, even right off the start because the metaphor of a plane taking off as the first scene was an exact trailer of what was to happen in the following hours; Ricci / Forte took us on a plane ride to unknown destinations in the land of consumer culture, identity, passion, sex, violence and above all... love. At each stop, we jumped from one feeling to another. I found myself laughing with tears in my eyes, crying up a well, hopping in my chair with fear, closing my eyes hard to avoid certain scenes, opening up my ears to hear what the actors were to say... At the end of the play, I was about to drown in the river of feelings; I was happy yet very depressed, confused but also relaxed, anxious yet excited, sad but hopeful... Those two great minds Ricci / Forte and their amazing cast knew how to amaze the audience and not let them remain as passive voyeurs but active participators.

The next day I met Stefano Ricci for a small interview since I had some questions that were bugging me. After the play, having seen all characters in search of affection, waiting for a call from their one night standers; I was wondering if love did really exist or did we hopelessly dream that it did so that one day all our broken heart stories would be mended and our story would reach that happy ending? Ricci answered my question in a way that it made me think even more on this issue: 'Love does exist, of course it does but it depends on how you define love. What is love for you? Is it a Walt Disney movie? Is it someone that brings you breakfast to bed every morning? Or something totally different? The problem is not that love doesn't exist, it is just that sometimes our definitions of love don't really match. And sometimes we just want to love so we decide on compromising; maybe we don't really find the one that makes us breakfast but the one that makes us tea. Not the one we were dreaming of but someone in a way close to that picture we have in mind. Love is all about corresponding to each other's needs at the same moment. If both are looking for the same thing and decide to settle, then this can be considered love.'
Then another question would be: how come all four protagonists suffered from the same thing? Of not being called from their one night stander? If everybody expects a call, how come nobody receives it? Ricci was clear on this: 'Because as much as we love desiring a person, we love being desired as well. They were suffering about not being called but then again they weren't calling either! They were passively waiting for the call rather than asking for his number to call him afterwards.'

'Macadamia Nut Brittle' leaves a sour taste on your tongue; it turns the mirror to the audience and rather than creating a tale of fantasy, it uses the truth that we hide inside ourselves, in our consumer culture without which we don't know how to survive. After all, we shop therefore we are. I thought about the different generations of youth throughout the years; when I was a small kid, the elderly was complaining about the youth that was not producing anything but rather killing time in front of the tv. I've grown old and I hear them whining about how they never leave the pc screen and how they kill time online. But the thing is, the passive tv youth is now grown into an active blog nation: they write, they produce, they are always in action. But is this really considered a production?
Ricci said: 'The social networks are important in our life. There are certain advantages and certain disadvantages to it; it all depends on how you use it, for what purpose you utilize those networks. We use myspace and facebook that keep us in contact with our audience. But then again I don't see writing a blog as a production. The truth remains always hidden. It's so easy to write on the net, chat with tens of people simultaneously... We'll never know who the person behind that blog is, or who is chatting with us. You can be anyone and everyone on the internet. This puts us away. TV was a cuddling service for us. You know, you could pick up a certain episode of Sex & The City and cry with the protagonist, just relax watching other lives. If we felt down, there was tv to cheer us up.'
One of the scenes that truly sent shivers down my spine was when one of the protagonists talked about a woman that was about to die and her cat would die away with her, he would lose all nine lives at the same time because he was existing in her glaze and with her death, he would just sweep into inexistence. And her son would lose his role as 'a son' and given that he didn't know any other 'role' to fit into, he would die as well. I asked if we would ever be able to choose our roles and if we were destined to play along with those given to us by the society. He told me that sometimes we found it easier to accept the roles we were given rather than creating one for ourselves.
At the end of the day, the play was amazing in every single sense. I would even dare to say that it was better than any classic theatre I saw on stage; because 'Macadamia Nut Brittle' in its innovative, aggresive, depressive, not pornographic but utterly graphic nature is a tale of our everyday lives, our delusions, our expectations; it's a mirror turned at us to face our own truth. In a world where the value is measured by the length, success by the money and love by the sexual scores in bed, where did we hide our feelings?
Returning back to the fashion world, Ricci's view on this was clear: fashion should never be a way to hide oneself in a pre-decided confection. Each brand has a certain image that is associated with itself, one who wears it should know that he'll be associated with that but should never be described solely by it. It's like a seduction, it's a way to get yourself known to another. Fashion is a way that uses this.
Then I held another small interview on seduction with the director and the actors. It was so much fun.
- Which of the five senses is the most important one in seduction? Taste
- Can one seduct with art as well? Not using the known methods of body interactions? Sure, seduction is when you don't fake, when you are who you are and that's more than enough.
- If seduction were to be a place? Shopping Mall
- If seduction were to be a song? This Love - Craig Armstrong
- If seduction were to be a person? A priest
- If seduction were to be a public transport? Train
Ricci / Forte will be going first to London then to Rome with their plays and then this summer they're starting to work on a new play about Grim Brothers Tales. The pictures used are a courtesy of Mauro Santucci.

sabato 15 maggio 2010

L'officiel Photoshoot

Shirt : Frankie Morello
Skirt : Frankie Morelllo

Camicia : Frankie Morello
Gonna : Frankie Morello

venerdì 14 maggio 2010

Konstantin Siegel

Konstantin Siegel from Daily Illustrations is our talent of the moment who cheered us up with his amazing interpretations of our latest women's collection. We decided to interview him on his works, art and seduction.

So Konstantin, tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Konstantin Siegel. I was born in Russia but I live in Germany since 1995. I'm currently enrolled at the Fashion Design department of University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.

We loved the illustrations you did for Frankie Morello. Can I ask you your favourite work up to date?
Well, each illustration has a little bit of history attached to it so it'd be really hard for me to pick up only one.

So you basically see them as your children! That's what almost all the artists say! But how did you decide doing fashion illustrations?
Since I study fashion design and do illustrations on a regular basis, it was kind of an easy decision. I just let my brush flow on the paper and there it was; my first illustration related to fashion. I do it almost everyday but then again I am not just a fashion illustrator, I do have some art work going on as well. I love it.

How would you define the concept 'talent'?
What a question! It's kind of hard to explain, I see it as an ability to see things from a different point of view, it's not something I can really define.

What about seduction? How would you define it?
I don't use it in a sexual context; seduction is when I paint and I lose myself in another world, I forget everything around me, it's a feeling that takes you away from your surroundings... It's all related to passion, I believe.

Do you believe that one can seduct with talent?
Of course! I am an artist and there's been a lot of girls that fell in love with me, so why not? I seduced them all with my talent in art! :)

Would you share one of your secrets with us?
I have no secrets.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done in your life?
I have to think about it for a minute. I think it was moving to Germany with my parents. We came here with 2 suitcases in hand and a lot of hope for a better life standard. It was a very hard decision to take for us.

If seduction was a song, which one would it be?
Sweet Lady by Tyreese.

If seduction was a place, what would it be?
Seduction is everywhere where I work.

If seduction was a person, who would it be?
My girl.

If it was a public transport?

Could you give us a tip on seducing a person?
Just be yourself. A little charm and humor will take care of the rest!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I am where I want to be; I just want to stay where I am, doing what I love to do, with the person I love next to me until my last day.

Konstantin Siegel da Daily Illustrations è il nostro talento del momento che ci ha sorpreso con le sue rivisitazioni della nostra ultima collezione donna. Abbiamo deciso di intervistarlo riguardo le sue opere, sull'arte e sulla seduzione.

Allora Konstantin, raccontaci un po 'di te:
Mi chiamo Konstantin Siegel. Sono nato in Russia ma vivo in Germania dal 1995. Studio design presso L'Università di Scienze Applicate di Berlino.

Sono belle le illustrazioni che hai fatto per Frankie Morello. Posso chiederti la tua opera preferita?
Ogni illustrazione ha una storia a se', sarebbe veramente difficile per me sceglierne una sola.

Come tutti gli artisti vedi le tue opere come dei figli allora! Ma come mai hai deciso di specializzarti in illustrazioni di moda?
Studio design e faccio illustrazioni quasi ogni giorno, perciò era una decisione facile. Un giorno, ho lasciato che il pennello andasse sulla carta e poi ecco... c'era la mia prima illustrazione legata alla moda. Lo faccio quasi ogni giorno, ma non sono un semplice illustratore di moda, ho anche altri progetti d'arte in cantiere.

Come definiresti il concetto di 'talento'?
Che domanda! E 'un po' difficile da spiegare, io lo intendo come la capacità di vedere cose da un punto di vista diverso, non è un qualcosa che si può definire con precisione ed esattezza oggettiva.

E la 'seduzione'? Come la definiresti?
Io non la uso in un contesto sessuale; seduzione è quando dipingo e mi perdo in un altro mondo, dimentico tutto cio che ho intorno a me, è una sensazione che ti porta lontano da ciò che ti sta accanto... E 'tutto legato alla passione, credo.

Ritieni sia possibile sedurre con il talento?
Certo! Sono un artista e ci sono un sacco di ragazze che si innamorano di me, quindi perché no? Ho sedotto tutti con il mio talento artistico! :)

Vuoi condividere uno dei tuoi segreti con noi?
Non ho segreti.

Qual è la cosa più pazza che hai mai fatto nella tua vita?
Devo pensare un attimo. Credo proprio sia stato il trasferimento in Germania con i miei genitori. Siamo venuti qui con due valigie in mano e un sacco di speranza in cerca di un tenore di vita migliore. E 'stata una decisione molto difficile da prendere.

Se la seduzione fosse una canzone, quale sarebbe?
Lady Sweet di Tyreese.

Se seduzione fosse un luogo?
La seduzione è dappertutto dove lavoro.

Se seduzione fosse una persona?
La mia ragazza.

Ci puoi dare un consiglio su come sedurre una persona?
Basta essere se stessi. Poi fascino e umorismo si occuperanno del resto!

Dove ti vedi tra 5 anni?
Io sono dove voglio essere, voglio solo stare dove sono ora, facendo ciò che amo fare, con la persona che amo accanto a me fino al mio ultimo giorno.

Vanity Fair Photoshoot

Jacket: Frankie Morello
Giacca: Frankie Morello

mercoledì 12 maggio 2010

Deyrolle - One of the Strangest Shops in Paris

Paris is a magnificient city with the strangest shops of the world scattered around the city like little gemstones. Once you set your mind on to finding those little spots, you can be hundred per cent sure that the city will leave you with your mouth open. Take 'Deyrolle' for instance.
This taxidermy establishment with a history older than 170 years, is one of those interesting spots that you should visit once you are in Paris. Not really far from the Musee d'Orsay, you find it on rue du Bac. Although we are strictly against all sorts of violence against animals, this store's worth a mention. It is almost like a wild forest with all the animals (dead!) inside. Butterflies of every color and shape. Insects that scare, disgust and even fascinate. Zebras with perfect fur. Lions that look almost alive. Reptiles! Ostrich eggs! Birds! Just name it and you will find it inside.

Louis Albert de Broglie changed his career from banking to gardening for managing this store; he even earned a nickname 'Le Prince Jardinier' thanks to novelty he brought to the store like the line of gardening tools.
In 2008, the unexpected happened and the whole store got caught on fire because of a short circuit trigger. The French army with a big part of the Parisian population showed a great example of solidarity and saved the place although almost ninety percent of the shop's stock was lost.

With the help of the organization 'Friends of Deyrolle', they raised enough money to put almost everything back to its place. There were cases in which 'friends of Deyrolle' donated 50 boxes of butterflies; Christie's offered to organize a fund-raising auction and Hermes reissued its scarf 'Plumes' to raise money.
Now the store is back to normal and is welcoming you for a visit.

Parigi è una magnifica con i negozi piu' strani del mondo sparsi qua e là come piccole pietre preziose. Se si decide di trovarli, si può essere sicuri al cento per cento che la città vi lascerà a bocca aperta. Vediamo 'Deyrolle' per esempio.
Questa struttura di tassidermia con una storia di 170 anni, è uno di quei posti interessanti che vi consigliamo di visitare una volta arrivati a Parigi. Non molto lontano dal Musée d'Orsay, lo si trova in rue du Bac. Anche se siamo assolutamente contrari ad ogni sorta di violenza sugli animali questo negozio merita di essere menzionato. E 'quasi come una foresta selvaggia con tutti gli animali (morti!) all'interno. Farfalle di ogni colore e forma. Insetti spaventosi, disgustosi e allo stesso tempo affascinanti. Zebre con perfetta pelliccia. Leoni che sembrano quasi vivi. Rettili! Uova di Struzzo! Uccelli! Bastera' sapere il nome della razza dell'animale che vorrete vedere e li lo troverete sicuramente.
Louis Albert de Broglie ha cambiato la sua carriera da bancario a giardiniere per la gestione di questo negozio, guadagnandosi addiruttura il soprannome di 'Le Prince Jardinier' grazie a novità che ha portato nel negozio come la linea di attrezzi di giardinaggio.
Nel 2008, l'inaspettato e' successo e l'intero negozio ha preso fuoco a causa di un corto circuito.
L'esercito francese e gran parte della popolazione parigina hanno mostrato grande solidarietà tentando di salvare il negozio con ogni mezzo, anche se quasi il novanta per cento dello stock del è andato perso.

Con l'aiuto dell'organizzazione 'Amici di Deyrolle', e' stato possibile raccogliere una cifra tale da rimettere tutto a posto. Ci sono stati casi in cui 'amici di Deyrolle' hanno donato 50 scatole di farfalle, Christie's ha offerto di organizzare un'asta di raccolta fondi e Hermes ha ristampato la sua sciarpa 'Plumes' per raccogliere ulteriori fondi.
Ora il negozio è tornato alla normalità ed vi aspetta per una visita.
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