mercoledì 16 giugno 2010

Frankie Morello Meets Art : 'Robert Bradford'

Frankie Morello will be hosting an exhibition of the most famous works of the English artist Robert Bradford, between Saturday 19th of June 2010 and Sunday 27th of June 2010 at its flagship store on Corso Matteotti, 3.
The exhibition, is the second event in a more far-reaching program called Knot – Frankie Morello Meets Art, stemming from the great passion for contemporary art nursed by the designers Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti.
Mixture, variety and interaction characterize the research and style of Frankie Morello and are at the root of those artistic meetings, whose aim is to create an open dialogue with art and its expressions. The collaboration between Robert Bradford and Frankie Morello is of no wonder since the brand is ironic in its nature and the designers are passionate toy collectors.

Bradford specializes in building sculptures of different sizes, made of used toys with highly saturated colors. Bradford uses a vast collection like plastic cars, water-guns and musical instruments. His reasoning for using toys as the construction material is that using second-hand toys that have their 'story' to tell to cover the 'empty-souls' of the wood gives a profound concept to his works.

Robert Bradford grew up in a South London suburb and desired to be an artist from a very young age. He got his B.A. in painting at Ravensbourne College of Art in Kent and M.A. in Film at Royal College of Art, London. He also did visiting lectureship at San Diego State University in California U.S.A., In 2004, he started experimenting with sculptures and toys. The results of this experiment grabbed great international attention. His works from those series were shown in Mark Jason Gallery in London, Ripley's Museum in New York and Envie D'art in Paris.

The Frankie Morello Fashion House was born in 1999 out of the encounter between Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti.
The brand, owned by the two designers, has in recent years made important license agreements covering clothing, underwear and beachwear (Frankie Morello Sexy Wear), shoes, bags, sunglasses and children’s footwear (Frankie Morello Toys).
In 2008 it opened its first headquarters in Milan, a space of 850 sq m that houses the style office and press office.
In February 2009 it opened its first flagship store in Milan, at Corso Matteotti, 3a. Present in the best showcases of the fashion circuit and published in the world’s most prestigious periodicals, the brand is a favorite with many celebrities.

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