lunedì 21 giugno 2010

Frankie Morello Afterparty

After the catwalk and the store event "Frankie Morello Meets Art", we decided that we deserved a little chic party to celebrate our success in the dim lights and relaxing atmosphere of Maison Frankie Morello ( although the cool Brasilian breeze that put us a smile on our faces and hope for a wonderful summer holiday in our hearts left its place to an awful Milanese weather!). We got a perfect treatment for all the hard work for the last 6 months; there was amazing cocktails (one of the best Mojito's we've ever had!), delicious asian catering service and loud music... Seeing Bryanboy and Denni from Chicmuse come and surprise us put a smile on our faces; it's always a lot of fun hanging out with internationally acknowledged bloggers; tweet tweet tweet the love, everyone!

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